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I paint flowers so they will not die.

Frida Kahlo


Luzan Quintero

am a freelance interdisciplinary artist from Mexico based in Seward, Alaska. I have been an artist since I was young.

I communicate with others through visual art to express what I feel in my inner world of fantasies. My main focus is on the beauty of nature all around.

I have worked with different mediums like charcoal, pastel, oil and acrylic, among others. I blended my painting skills with my twenty-five years of graphic design and photography experience bringing about a perfect intersection of my three passions.

My personal style is full of vibrant colors with defined lines. I am fascinated in creating an atmosphere full of meaning and approach, creating contrast with complementary colors and color temperature.

With every stroke I witness how shapes, textures, colors, shadows and lights interact and become a masterpiece, leaving a sense of joy and wonder in myself as well as the viewer.

My husband and I travel a lot and I find inspiration to create in every adventure. When I am at home I get inspired by the breathtaking Alaska scenery and marine life.

I am very thankful for having the opportunity to show my artwork in galleries in Mexico, United States and France.

As I continue my creative journey I look forward to being able to keep sharing my creations with you.


2021 Florilège d’artistes Mexicains. Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Dijon, France.

2019 Two Artists Show “A Sense of Place”. Seward, Alaska.

2015 Collective Show “Solo Angeles”. City Hall of Loreto, Mexico.

2015 Seward Mural Society National Park Service Mural, Music and Arts Festival. Seward, Alaska.

2014 Collective Show, Art Exchange Paris, “Le Biz”. Paris, France.

2014 Collective Show Art Exchange Paris, “La Guinguette”. Toutry, France.

2011 Seward Mural Society Mt. Marathon Mural, Music and Arts Festival. Seward, Alaska.

2011 Collective Show “All Things Raven”. Seward, Alaska.

2011 Individual Show “Deep Planes”, Natural History Museum. Cabo San

Lucas, Mexico.

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